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We started as many Golden Retriever lovers do with just one dog. Our Golden was obtained with the intent and purpose of belonging to our children. They of course, would love, care for and take responsibility for this dog as long as she lived or until they discovered girls/boys and obtained their drivers licenses! I was not, repeat, not going to fall in love with this animal. Twenty minutes into our ride home from the breeders, she was mine. This wonderful creature, my first Golden, continued to bring such joy into my life for the next 12 ½ years that when the opportunity presented itself for me to become more involved with the breed, I jumped at the chance.

This opportunity came in 1998 when I decided to obtain another Golden Retriever to keep my aging Misty company. I met Sue Robins of Kalm Sea Golden Retrievers at a craft show. She had an adorable Golden Puppy with her and of course we stopped to chat. I subsequently got a beautiful puppy from Sue along with the encouragement to learn all I could about the breed. Sue became my mentor; she guided my husband and me in showing both in Breed and Obedience. When I decided to become a breeder, Sue was always there to give guidance and advice.

Moongate Goldens is located in Tabernacle, NJ on 3 ½ acres. We have7 Goldens living with us ranging from age 12 to age 2. We have 4 Breed Champions, Shiloh, Savannah and Shelby and our first Home Bred Champion Olivia, along with Belle, our Obedience and Rally titled girl.  We then have our young ones who are coming along.  There is Macgregor who along with his obdience titles also has his Junior Hunter title, we also have his young sister Sophie who loves doing field with her brother and then there is baby sister Autumn who is just beginning her show career.  If you click on Our Goldens you will find pictures of our dogs along with their accomplishments. 

Thankfully I am now retired because I do all of the Field, Rally and Obedience work with my dogs.  It does take quite a bit of time but it is a labor of love.  I am also very active in the Lenape Golden Retriever Club serving as Treasurer.  Factor in two wonderful grandsons and life is good.

We are members and abide by the code of ethics and standards of the Golden Retriever Club of America; we are also members of the Lenape Golden Retriever Club and the Burlington County Kennel Club.

Our goal when we decide to do a breeding is to produce a healthy, structurally sound puppy with the “true” Golden temperament. To this end, we spend a lot of time going over pedigrees and being sure that any dogs we decide to use have the attributes in their lines that will complement our pedigrees. We breed with OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, Heart and Eye clearances. We only do 1 or 2 breedings a year.

When the puppies arrive they are born in the house and become members of the family. This helps to begin the socialization process. Once they open their eyes and become aware of their surroundings we then welcome our “puppy people” to come down and play with the puppies. This is fun for the families and a wonderful way to socialize the puppies. Before they go home all the puppies are Temperament Tested to help match the right puppy with the right home. All puppies go home with a Certificate of Health along with a contract. All puppies are sold under an AKC Limited Registration unless going to a show home.

When you leave Moongate Goldens with one of our puppies, the relationship does not end. We are always available to answer any questions your may have and always love to receive updates and pictures of our puppies. Our doors are always open for return visits as we consider all our puppy families as our extended Moongate Golden family.

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